Frequently Asked Questions

Why Use Oswift?

Use Oswift to create new sales and increase existing sales.  Offer your goods or skills for sale in Swiftcoin electronic currency and make everyone in the world a potential customer. Expand your market and advertising reach.   List anything for sale then use social media to get the word out.

How Do I Make Money Using Oswift?

Create new sales, earn Swiftcoin, then cash out at

How Do I Save Money Using Oswift?

Go shopping on Oswift and spend Swiftcoin instead of cash.  Encourage sellers to list their items on Oswift and accept Swiftcoin.

What can I Sell on oSwift?

Anything, as long as its legal.

Can I Get Swiftcoin Now and Spend it Later?

Yes.  Swiftcoin remains in your Swiftcoin wallets indefinitely and Swiftcoin wallets can be moved from computer, iphone or pen drive to any other device of your choice.  You can also back-up your wallets onto any device.  See

How Do I Pay My Debts on Oswift?

If you owe money to a creditor, convince them to accept payment in Swiftcoin.  Then sell goods or services to pay them.

What is Swiftcoin?

Swiftcoin is electronic money that inhabits your computer just as email and word documents do. You can send Swiftcoin to anybody just as quickly and easily as you would send email and word document attachments. Read more about Swiftcoin.

How Do I Get Started?

Just get your free Oswift username and you can start using Oswift right now.